Welcome to Pure Taekwondo  


Pure Taekwondo was founded in 2004 in Santa Clara, CA and built on the foundation of indomitable determination.

Our legacy spans over 120 years of combined experience, dedication, and knowledge. 


The masters of Pure Taekwondo are high-level black belts registered and certified by Kukkiwon in Korea. Each master has trained in the arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Judo for over 30 years each.

The masters of Pure Taekwondo have established themselves in each of these disciplines to the highest caliber by winning many national and world titles.


Pure Taekwondo is committed to building a school with strong fundamentals in traditional martial arts. Pure Taekwondo provides the highest quality of martial arts training and world-class instruction that is unprecedented in the area.


Pure Taekwondo has committed itself to the its students and the community.