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7th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Carlo

CEO and Founder

6th Degree Black Belt

Master Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Ph.D. 

Senior Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt

Master Yakov

Head Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt

Master Adam

Head Coach



Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques, and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about the courses that we offer.


Pure Taekwondo offers this course for all ages with little to no experience in martial arts. Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible. If you are uncertain about your skill level, please reach out to schedule a free introductory lesson. 



This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.


Pure Taekwondo delivers world-class martial arts instruction for all.

We empower students and bring out the best of their abilities to achieve the highest level of success possible in every aspect of life.


Deliver quality martial arts instruction in a modern way.

Our approach is to ensure that the students have fun and enjoy our training and learn real martial arts.

We build self-esteem, boost confidence while improving the health and well-being of all students.


Please feel free to browse our website for more information.

If you have questions, reach out by using the contact button below.





The masters of Pure Taekwondo are the pinnacle of knowledge and ability in every facet of Taekwondo and martial arts. The Masters of Pure Taekwondo offers 120 years of combined martial arts experience. Please visit The Masters' page to learn more!


Pure Taekwondo is proud to announce that we are now offering the highly requested Saturday Class. This class is a great way to make up for classes missed during the weekday schedule. Visit the schedule page for select time slots.


Pure Taekwondo now offers the highly anticipated Self-Defense course. This class is for self-defense training only. Self-defense instructors trains you on dealing with real-life threatening situations.  Click here to inquire more about the Pure Self-Defense  program. Visit the schedule page for select time slots.



Our website is a great resource for new students. Students can learn about the history of Pure Taekwondo, Taekwondo Terminology, and its Curriculum. Get started to understand the culture by visiting the Dojang Rules page.


Frequently asked questions

Why choose Altitude?

Do you need a fast, reliable internet connection?
Would you like to watch online TV shows or movies?
Are you ready to do online video conferencing?
Do you need low latency for online video gaming, remote access and/or VPN?
If so, Altitude ISP is your solution! Our benefits to you: Locally owned and operated No hidden fees No overage charges Unlimited devices on your account Unlimited data usage Always on/always Working Fast streaming for video or gaming Low Latency response across our network and to the internet WE ANSWER OUR PHONES!!!!

What Sets Us Apart?

We differ in 4 core ways from our competition: We’re local people. We live and work in the community we service and our reputation is important to us. We have the highest standards on the quality of service we provide our clients. Not only do we take pride in the installation of the service, e.g. how cables are dressed down, make an effort to hide the cables, etc., we make sure the client receives the best possible signal from our towers. We work with the clients on a personal basis. We work with them on placing the equipment at the best possible location, not where it makes it the easiest for us. We also make sure that all the client’s devices work as expected and that the clients are happy before we leave their premises. If the client loses internet connectivity, we do everything in our power to get that client back up and running. We also maintain client communications during the downtime, letting them know what the status is.

How Does It Work?

We are NOT a Satellite or LTE service! We place a small dish antenna on top of your location which points to our tower. The signal travels to other towers until it reaches our NOC (Network Operations Center) in Belton, TX.

What Is Your Billing Policy?

FORWARD BILLING We bill forward, meaning you are billed on the 1st day of the month with a 10 day grace period. Failure to pay within the grace period will result in automatic suspension of your service. If service remains in suspension for 30 days beyond the due date, service will be terminated and a $50 reconnect fee will be required to restablish service. PAPERLESS BILLING Paperless billing is the only available billing option. METHOD OF PAYMENT We accept the following methods of payment - Check - Money Order - ACH - Debit - VISA - MasterCard - Discovery - American Express - Paypal AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL PAYMENT A $3 credit is applied to all accounts that opt in to automatic bill payment via ACH. A $3 fee will be applied to all account that opt out of automatic bill payment via any method.

Does Your Service Include a Wireless Router?

No. We do not provide a wireles router unless it is purchased separately. Our service is compatible with most wireless router brands including Netgear, Linksys, Belkin, D-Link, Google, Eero, TP-Link, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, Luxul, and others. Wireless routers purchased through us are remote managed, allowing us to help troubleshoot in-home network issues remotely to reduce potential problems and downtime.

What Does Installation Include?

We charge a one-time installation fee which covers the installation of an outdoor mount/mast or reuse of an existing mast, the exterior antenna/radio, ethernet cable from the exterior antenna/rado to the router or interior structured wiring panel, the radio power supply, and an ethernet cable to plug into your router. Our technicians will aid you in configuring your wireless router and connecting up to 10 devices if requested.

Do I Have to Purchase the Antenna/Radio?

No. We provide the exterior equipment at no additional cost. We do not have an option to purchase the exterior equipment. Upon termination of your service, a technician will come to reclaim the exterior antenna/radio, and the POE injector.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount on monthly recurring charges to all verified veterans, active duty, first responders, and senior citizens (60+). All aforementioned discounts are good for 12 months and do not renew.

Will Weather Affect My Internet Service?

Probably not. While the service we provide is best effort (no guaranteed up-time) it is rare that weather would affect your service. That said, extremely heavy rain fall, tornados, flooding, and other acts of God can negatively affect our impact to deliver service to you, or damage the equipment installed on your home. If that damage occurs we will dispatch a technican to fix the issue within 12 hours.

Do You Offer Email Services?

No. We do not offer managed email services for residential or business customers.

How Fast Is Your Service?

We offer speeds of up to 100mbps download, and 20mbps upload. To put this in perspective, an AT&T DSL line will generally range between 3mbps to 10mbps download and up to 1mbps upload. An HD Netflix stream will take about 5mbps download per stream, and a console game or Zoom meeting will take up around 3mbps download.

Can I Work or Do School With Your Service?

Yes. We provide high speed and low latency service which allows you to surf and stream with no issues.

What If Service Breaks?

Standard service calls will be taken care of next day, but in major disasters it may be as long as three days before we can service you based on demand.

Will You Fix My Home Network If It Breaks?

If you purchase a wireless router from us, we will help you set it up and we will cover it under our warranty. However for BYOD wireless routers/network gear, our help desk staff is not obligated to assist in troubleshooting or fixing networks past our exterior radio. We will always try to be helpful as we can in answering questions, but if it results in an in-person service call, we consider it a different service and charge an hourly rate of $75 with a minimum one hour charge.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click on "Plans" and then select the plan that you would prefer, or call us at (254) 651-0445 to reach a customer service representative. After your account is set up, we will contact you to schedule an installation appointment.

Are There Additional Charges?

Probably not. There are potential additional charges for installation based on your line of sight or distance to the serving tower. We also recommend purchasing our $8/mo. maintenance plan which includes wire replacement, and up to two free service calls per year.

Can I Switch Plans?

Of course! To upgrade your plan please call (254) 651-0445 and a support representative will assist you with the upgrade. In some cases and equipment upgrade may be necessary, and some locations may have speed limitations.

What If I Require Special Aesthetic or Wiring Considerations?

Everyone’s home and install is different. We always strive to install your equipment in the most tidy and effective manner. Communicate with us on your needs and we will do our best to meet them. If you need additional work beyond the basic install, we charge $75/hour for wiring services. If you are concerned with how the antenna will look on your home, click here take a look at some examples of installation we have done in the past to set your mind at ease.

Is This Really Unlimited?

Yes. We don’t have data caps or track how much bandwidth our customers use. We do monitor for excessive throughput that may compromise the health or integrity of customer connections. Regular users do not need to worry about this. Sometimes, our detection will indicate that you may have been infected with a virus that is taxing your connection. Either way, we will contact you if this becomes a concern.

Our Location

Our location is tucked away in the back end corner of the building. Look for the Pure Taekwondo banner in the front window or look for a huge sign above our storefront that says Wellness Center. There's a huge parking lot with ample parking for customers and visitors.

860 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 475-0686


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