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Frequently asked questions


Where can I find Pure Taekwondo's prices?

Pure TKD ™ does not publicize its prices to protect its cost structure. The price list is only provided to active members.

How much does Pure Taekwondo® charge for lessons?

Pure TKD ™ strives to keep its price competitive in the current market. We cannot guarantee prices that are posted on online resources or quoted over the phone. Pure Taekwondo also does not price match with any other market price. The best way to get pricing is to visit our location and try out a free trial lesson. Prices can be discussed once the lesson has been completed.

Does Pure Taekwondo® charge registration/ membership fees.

Pure Taekwondo® does not require any registration or membership fees. Our fees are upfront and guaranteed upon sign-up.

Does Pure Taekwondo® offer member discounts?

Pure TKD ™ does not provide additional discounts to the class fees or merchandise. Pure Taekwondo® offers one flat fee that is fair and very competitive in today's market.

Does Pure TKD ™ charge testing fees?

Pure Taekwondo only charges student belt changes, and for the actual test for black belt. Other than that Pure Taekwondo doesn't charge for every level on each belt like other schools.

What does Pure TKD ™ charge for Black Belt testing?

Eligibility to test for black belt will be based the student's current rank status and knowledge of the curriculum. Black Belt testing fees are based on Kukkiwon's administration fees and will be determined during the application process.


Does Pure Taekwondo enforce the use of payment contracts?

Pure Taekwondo does not use contracts. Active members must sign a payment agreement to lock in current rates.

What forms of payments does Pure Taekwondo accept?

Pure Taekwondo is currently accepting online payments only. Current and new members that sign the payment agreement will be moved to an ACH payment system once it is availble. Credit Cards will soon be accepted before the end of 2020.

Can membership with Pure Taekwondo be cancelled?

Members can opt-out of their payment agreement with a 30-day written notice which can be submitted via email or by phone call. Cancellations are generally planned and submitting a 30-day notice will allow members time to think about opting-out of their membership before it is finalized. Opting out of the payment agreement with the 30-day notice will void a member's current price plan. Members that wish to return to Pure Taekwondo after the 30-day notice has finalized will need to sign a new payment agreement with the new rate applied.

Can the class fee be be pro-rated or refunded?

Class fees are non-refundable. Class fees are due at the beginning of every month and is based on a 4 week/ per month cycle. Pure Taekwondo does not prorate or refund for any sessions missed due to vacation or leave of absence. If you find that you are having difficulty in attending classes for any reason, please reach out to puretaekwondo@gmail.com or call 408-475-0686.

Does Pure Taekwondo accept credit cards?

Pure Taekwondo currently accept credit cards payment for purchase in the proshop. Updates will be provided to members when this option becomes available for class fees.

Belt Ranking

Can I keep my current rank status if I trained at different school?

A student's current rank status from another martial arts school that is not affiliated with Pure Taekwondo is non-transferrable. Students who wish their rank status to be evaluated must complete an assessment with the Grandmaster of Pure Taekwondo with no garuantee of retaining rank status. If the assessment is positive, and if the student is allowed to maintain their rank it may take some time to achieve the next level as students acclimate to thier new program. Pure Taekwondo wants to ensure that all students have a great learning experience and to be the best in their class. The best way transfer your current rank from another Taekwondo school to Pure Taekwondo is to ensure that you hold a black belt with a Kukkiwon certificate. However, students that hold a Kukkiwon certificate will need to meet the same standards set by Pure Taekwondo to attain the next degree.

How often does Pure Taekwndo do belt examinations?

Belt level exams are held every two months. Students that meet testing requirments are eligible for the belt level examination. See the curriculm page for more information.

Does Pure Taekwondo certify black belts?

Yes! Pure Taekwondo is an affiliated member of Kukkiwon and the Kukkiwon Membership System. Black belt candidates that pass the black belt exam at Pure Taekowndo will recieve a Kukkiwon certificate and Kukkiwon ID card. Kukkiwon is a Korean Government Sanctioned entity that certifies black belts around the world. Kukkiwon certification ensures that black belts retain their rank at any Kukkiwon affiliated school.

Does Pure Taekwondo conduct make up tests?

Pure Taekwondo schedules make up exam two weeks after a reguallary schedueld belt examination. This is to provide an opportunity for students to make up an exam if they missed the initial exam for any reason.


What is involved in a black belt exam at Pure Taekwondo?

Students must meet the Pure Taekwondo criteria to become eligible for black belt testing. If you would like additional information regarding black belt requirements, please visit the Pure Taekwondo curriculum page.

What is the criteria for passing a belt test?

Pure Taekwondo now uses a granding system. This gradning system will allow students to understand their technical attributes and know what to work on for future tests. This granding system will also ensure that students become more motivated and push them selves to the next level. Students must show competency in their form, technique, and behavior in order to recieve the required grade.

What is the criteria for passing a belt test?

New for 2020, Pure Taekwondo will now use a point system for grading students. Points will be distributed among four categories which are forms, kicking, sparring and improvement. To attain an award, students must win 5 points in any one of the categories. Attaining 5 points in three out of four categories will result in a Best Overall Award. Note that points are distributed based on the standards set forth by Pure Taekwondo.

What style of Taekwondo does Pure Taekwondo teach?

Pure TKD ™ is a Kukkiwon affiliated school that teaches a "Modern" style of Taekwondo that still holds its traditional background in Moo Duk Kwan. Moo Duk Kwan is one of the six different originals "kwans" or style of Taekwondo. Kukkiwon unified all the kwans when it organized in 1977. Pure TKD ™ teaches the style and methods set forth by Kukkiwon's organized standards.

What style of forms or poomse does Pure Taekwondo teach?

Pure Taekwondo teaches Taeguek and Palgwe forms, although Taeguek is the official poomse (forms) to attain a Kukkiwon black belt certification. Palgwe forms are a prerequisite for attaining higher levels at Pure Taekwondo. Visit the curriculum page to find out more.

How many classes am I allowed to attend?

Pure Taekwondo members are allowed to attend a minimum of two classes per week. Pure Taekwondo does not have a limitation to the amount of classes a registered member can attend.

Is sparring mandatory?

Students that progress through Pure Taekwondo are encouraged to spar in a safe, supervised and friendly environment. Sparring is taught at the yellow belt level and is a requirment for belt graduation. All students that achieve yellow belt are required to own Pure Taekwondo standardized sparring equipment. To learn more about sparring requirements, please visit the Pure Taekwondo curriculum page.


What kind of equipment are students expected to use?

All equipment is provided by Pure Taekwondo and is World Taekwondo approved.

Are uniforms necessary?

Yes! All students of Pure Taekwondo must wear the standard uniforms provided and branded by Pure Taekwondo.

Can we purchase equipment anywhere?

Members of Pure Taekwondo must purchase equipment from Pure Taekwondo, this includes uinforms, shoes, sparring equipment and any additional accessories or clothing. Pure Taekwondo has a standard of quailty that must be met by all members of Pure TKD. All equipment is available for purchase at Pure Taekwondo. Please contact puretaekwondo@gmail.com to inquire about pricing and availbility.

Can I wear different uniforms?

Pure Taekwondo only allows the uniforms provided by Pure Taekwondo. The Pure Taekwondo uniform must be worn during class sessions, special events and tournments. This is to indentify our branding and keep conistency. Please speak with the Grandmaster for further details.

Will Pure Taekwondo buy back used equipment?

No. Due to health concerns, Pure Taekwondo can not buy back previousely used equipment.

Parent Participation

Can I participate in aiding my child learn Taekwondo?

Though Pure Taekwondo love parent interaction with their children we just do not recommend parents help their child during class time. We want to ensure that the quality remains conistant and that students understands the source of truth during instruction and coaching of their martial arts journey.

Am I allowed to coach my child during competition?

We do not recommend that parents coach their child while they are competiting. Doing so will confuse the student in how they should perform under pressure. The masters and instructors of Pure Taekwondo are highly qualified and US Taekwondo certified coaches. Parents should entrust their child to our coaches during these competitions. Students should always leverage their master/ instructor and coach of Pure Taekwondo as the source of truth.