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No Hidden Fees

Save Money

At Pure TKD, we believe in transparent pricing. We don't charge registration, signup, or recurring renewal fees. You'll have access to our complete price list and won't be blindsided by hidden fees that other martial arts schools often impose. We value long-lasting relationships with our members and are committed to keeping our prices reasonable. Join us and enjoy straightforward pricing throught your martial arts journey.

Promotion (Stripe) Tests


At Pure TKD, we believe in providing opportunities for students to progress in their martial arts journey without breaking the bank. That's why we don't charge for promotion (stripe) tests, which can save you hundreds of dollars per belt level. We use stripes as a way to motivate and recognize students for their hard work and proficiency. Once students earn three stripes, they'll be eligible to take the belt color exam. The belt exam is the only event where members pay for testing. Check out the Belt Color Exam section below for more information.

Belt Color Exams

Members Only

Students are required to take Belt Color Exams to advance to a higher level. These exams provide students with immediate recognition of their growth, skills, and knowledge as they progress towards black belt. The exam fee covers the administration, logistical planning, and record-keeping until the Black Belt examination. Students will also learn higher-level techniques appropriate to their belt color and advance to a level-appropriate class upon achieving a new belt color.

Sparring Gear


Once students reach the orange belt level, they are ready to engage in sparring and will need to purchase Pure TKD approved sparring gear.

This investment ensures your safety and includes all the necessary equipment for proper training. Our high quality Adidas and World Taekwondo approved gear sets us apart from the low quality bundles you might find online. We do not allow gear that is not Pure TKD approved for safety reasons. While the one-time cost of $325 may seem high, it covers tax and shipping and is a worthwhile investment in your martial arts journey.

Additionl Investments

Select Individual or Multiple Choices

Enhance your martial arts training with our investment options:

1. Private Lessons
2. Competitive Team Training
3. Road to Nationals
4. Black Belt Program

These options are designed to take your training beyond our regular classes that will require a longer-term commitment. Contact us to learn more and achieve your martial arts goals!

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