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New students including current members of Pure Taekwondo should onboard to acclimate to the martial arts school environment and its' culture.

This onboarding information includes the student pledge, rules, and our most distinguished tenets that all students should observe. 

We have also included a guide for parents.


Be Respectful

Students must show courtesy and kindness to all members of Pure Teakwondo, family members, friends and loved ones.

Bowing is a significant sign of respect and must be displayed when entering the dojang, the training floor, greeting any master or instructor.


Also call masters and black belts by their specific designation such as Master "Name", Sir or Ma'am as applicable.



Being honest is being open, trustworthy and truthful. When people are honest, they can be relied on not to lie, cheat, or steal. Honesty is telling the truth.



Expressions of high or special regard or esteem. Always display kindness to everyone around you. 

Treat others how you would like to be treated.


The effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, impossible odds or failure. Never give up!


The quality of staying modest of one's self. Do not brag, boast or show off your abilities, rank or belongings.  


Pure Taekwondo would like to thank you for your support and being a member of our community.

As much as we love it when parents engage with their children's martial arts journey; there are guidelines we would like parents to consider while their children participate in the program.


Encouragement and supporting your child's progress is extremely important.

Your support will help keep them motivated.

Push them to stay focused, practice harder and to remember their forms to attain the next level.

Always praise your children for having done a good job once class has concluded. 

The best source of positivity will always come from you "the parents".


We encourage parents support their children and watch them during class. However, it prefered that parents separate themselves from class interaction while students are practicing, testing or even competing. Coaching your children from the sideline will often confuse them. We want to ensure that the students rely on the Master's expertise when it comes to training and to ask for advice when needed. Let the experts manage student progress.


Parents should provide the masters and instructors of Pure Taekwondo a leverage of trust. The team of masters are highly experienced, and extremely qualified to train all age groups. This trust, will help the students flourish both in martial arts and in real life applications.

As an example; if a master or instructor says one thing, please encourage that statement  by reminding them that they should listen to the master or instructor . This will help enforce the students's trust in the source of trusth from Pure TKD leadership. A martial arts school is a place that exhibits discipline both internally and externally. 


The Grandmaster of Pure Taekwondo has an open door policy. If you have questions or feedback feel free to reach out by sending an email to, you can text to 408-475-0686 or even schedule a meeting for an ample responses and communication.

Note: During class sessions or breaks, please refrain from asking questions, giving feedback, or interrupting activities to maintain an uninterrupted learning environment and ensure all students receive proper attention. Thank you for your understanding.

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