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Additional Programs

PURE TKD is committed to providing the highest quality of instruction for their members. Members can choose extra curricular programs that can enhance thier martial arts training experience.


Students that achive orange belt rank are eligible to participate in sparring classes. All students must purchase protective equipoment prior to joining the sparring class.


No Hidden Fees

No Registration or Membership Fees

Testing Fees & Belt Changes

One unique aspect of Pure Taekwondo is that we do not charge to the next level on every belt. We only charge when students go to the next belt color. With a regular testing cadence members can achive the next belt color, which would be the first time members actually pay for a belt exam.

Trail Offer

PURE TKD Two Week Trial is a perfect chance for new and experienced new comers to try out our program. Two weeks should give new comers an opportunity to see if they enjoy the program before commiting.


PURE TKD has a No Refund Policy so please ensure you submit requests to extend/pause or terminate membership at least 5-7 days before your billing date.

Listed below are additional investments that you encounter during your martial arts journey to Black Belt and/or during your participation with PURE TKD.

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