Grandmaster Kim

Grandmaster Kim


Kim's Taekwondo

Stanford Taekwondo (Original)

Stanford Taekwondo Open (Original)

The KTA Taekwondo Championship

Asian Amateur Athletics Club


Kukkiwon Certified 9th Dan

Kukkiwon 1st Class International Referee

Kukkiwon International Dan Testing Committee Member

Kukkiwon Certified International Coach

Hapkido Federation Certified 10th Dan

Moo Duk Kwan Certified 11th Dan

USA Taekwondo National Head Coach 1988

USA Taekwondo Olympic Coach 1991

Grandmaster Kim started teaching Taekwondo in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1970's and is one of the original founding fathers of Taekwondo in California.


Born on a small farm in Korea, he started to learn Hapkido and Taekwondo from his father at an early age.

At fiver years of age, Grandmaster Kim was enrolled into the Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido Academy, the most prestigious martial arts school in Korea. Earning a 4th-degree black belt in Hapkido by the age of 18, Grandmaster Kim was enlisted into the Korean Military where he served for 9 years. While enlisted in the Korean Military, Grandmaster Kim would train in Military Taekwondo and earn a 5th-degree black belt. As a war hero of the Korean Civil War, Grandmaster Kim earned the Order of Merit; Korea's highest honor. With his accolades and martial arts ability, Grandmaster Kim was elected to train the Korean Military in combat self-defense. 


His prowess in self-defense gained him recognition by the U.S. Green Berets. In late 1969, the U.S. military immigrated Grandmaster Kim to the United States to train the U.S. Military forces in combat self-defense. 


After a few years of training the U.S. military, Grandmaster Kim opened his first school in San Francisco, CA. In 1972 Kim's Taekwondo was born and would grow successfully with 3  locations in the Bay Area. His largest school located in Santa Clara, CA was 6,000 square feet and had over 1,200 active students. Within 40 years, over 2,000 black belts have graduated under Grandmaster Kim's tutelage.

In 1981, Grandmaster Kim founded the Stanford Taekwondo Program and directed the Stanford Taekwondo Open Championship for 20 years. The Stanford Taekwondo Open Championship was the very first and most prestigious Taekwondo competition in the local Bay Area of its time. Grandmaster Kim's leadership led Stanford Taekwondo Open Championship to national acclaim, drawing competitors from all over the United States. Grandmaster Kim in the summer of 2000 hosted the 18th Annual Stanford Taekwondo Open Championship that hosted over 3,000 competitors and 5,000 spectators. Grandmaster Kim solidified himself as an excellent tournament director and was recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation to host future events.

In 2015 Grandmaster Kim started to close down his locations as he was preparing for retirement. My grandmaster retired in early 2017 securing his legacy with the Masters of Pure Taekwondo. 


Pure Taekwondo carries on Grandmaster Kim's tradition of honesty, integrity, respect, and perseverance while providing world-class Taekwondo training. Pure Taekwondo lives by its mission to deliver quality martial arts instruction to all. 


Grandmaster Kim trained the masters of Pure Taekwondo ingraining into each of them a drive for perfection. 



World Taekwondo Recognized Tournament Director - 2000

Korean Athletic Association President 1999 - 2008

National Team Coach 1980

World Kicking Boxing Champion 1979

National Team Coach 1977

World Taekwondo Champion 1962