High Quality Addidas x Pure Taekwondo Sparring Equipment


Set inlcudes:

  • Adidas Head Gear
  • Adidas Tournament Chest Protector.
  • Adidas WTF hand protectors
  • Adidas WTF foot protectors
  • Adidas White Vinyl Forearm Guards.
  • Adidas White Vinyl Shin Guards.
  • Adidas Vinyl Groin Protector male or female
  • Single mouth guard
  • Mouth guard case "random color"
  • Adidas Sparring Gear Packback with Name Embroidery 

Purchasing this set will save you over 30% off other retailers prices.

Please allow a 2 to 3 lead time before arriving.

Pure TKD x Adidas Sparring Gear - Full Set w/ Backpack

$400.00 Regular Price
$340.00Sale Price
Back Pack Color Opt