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Grandmaster Carlo

7th Dan Black Belt

Introducing Grandmaster Carlo: A 7th Dan Black Belt Expert

Accolades at a Glance:
🥋 7th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt
🥋 3rd Dan Hapkido & Judo

Embark on a martial arts journey with Grandmaster Carlo, an indomitable Taekwondo expert. Trained by 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Kim in 1980, Master Carlo swiftly earned his black belt, igniting a lifelong commitment to honing his craft.

Between 1997 - 1999; a noteworthy chapter in Grandmaster Carlo's journey unfolded as he trained under the esteemed Olympic gold medalist Kuk Hyun Chung. This collaboration with an Olympic icon infused an additional layer of prestige into his training, further elevating his already exceptional skills.

This journey led him to ascend to unparalleled heights in the realm of multi-regional, national, and international championships. For an astounding four consecutive years, he secured the title of the undefeated West Coast Regional Grand Champion, solidifying his status as a notable competitor. His remarkable competitive skill shone through in impressive victories, including gold medals in Taekwondo at the esteemed President's Cup in 2009 and at the prestigious U.S. Open in both 2012 and 2024.

Guiding the Stanford Taekwondo Program for over 15 years, Master Carlo imprinted his expertise and leadership onto the institution. His legacy extended further as he co-directed the renowned Stanford Taekwondo Open, orchestrating a tournament that brought together over 3,000 competitors during the summer of 2000. Demonstrating his visionary approach, he pioneered the Taekwondo training program at Google's Mt. View Campus in late 2016, merging the essence of martial arts philosophy with Google's innovative corporate culture. This groundbreaking collaboration stood as an unprecedented milestone in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The brainchild behind Pure Taekwondo, Master Carlo embodies a commitment to unwavering excellence and top-tier education. His profound influence reaches beyond teaching techniques; it instills a philosophy of holistic growth and mastery.

With relentless dedication, Master Carlo became US National Level coach from 2000 to Present. Years were dedicated to honing coaching skills, guiding aspiring athletes, and refining training methods, resulting in exceptional outcomes. Under his guidance, over 12 individuals thrived as Jr. National and Senior National Champions. His coaching philosophy emphasizes both technical prowess and unwavering determination for success at the highest levels of competition.

With the steadfast support of Kukkiwon, Master Carlo remains at the forefront of martial arts. His dedication to staying updated with the latest techniques and fighting strategies underscores his commitment to passing down invaluable knowledge to his students.

Join Grandmaster Carlo on a path paved with excellence, integrity, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Grandmaster Carlo
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