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Master Adam

6th Dan Black Belt

Master Adam started his Taekwondo training with Grandmaster Kim at age 5. Throughout the year he earned his 3rd degree black belt by the age of 13, being the youngest 3rd degree black belt in our founding school's history.

His Taekwondo training led him to become a top tier fighter. Before the age of 13 he had won Junior Nationals at least 4 times in a row. Master Adam was a regular and well known competitor in the tournament circuit before going to college. While attending UC Irvine, he founded UC Irvine Taekwondo Program which has become a very renowned and prestigious college program. During his time at UC Irvine, Master Adam went back on to the tournament scene to win several Collegiate National Championships.

Renowned for his fighting prowess, Master Adam now dedicates his life's experience to the next generation of students. He still constantly trains, with the potential of returning back into the ring.

Master Adam
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