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Master Jeff

7th Dan Black Belt

Master Jeff embarked on his journey in taekwondo during his early teenage years, commencing at the age of 14. His path to martial arts was initiated by an incident where he was expelled from school due to a fight. Recognizing the need for a transformation, his father saw joining a martial arts discipline as a way for him to cultivate respect for others. This insight proved to be profound, as Master Jeff swiftly developed a profound affection for taekwondo. His upbringing in a quaint Upstate NY town provided the backdrop for his initial exposure to the art, under the tutelage of Grandmaster Sang Lee, a prominent figure within the taekwondo community. Notably, Grandmaster Sang Lee went on to serve as the US Olympic Head Coach in the year 1988.

Following his college years, Master Jeff resumed his taekwondo journey at Kim's KTA. It was here that he commenced training under the guidance of Grandmaster Carlo, a partnership that has endured over time, evolving into a lasting friendship. Demonstrating his dedication and expertise, Master Jeff underwent his 7th Dan test under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Sang Lee himself. This impressive accomplishment solidified his place in the taekwondo community. Master Jeff, currently a valued executive board member at Grandmaster Sang Lee's renowned institution, the US Taekwondo Center (USTC).

A new chapter in Master Jeff's journey has unfolded as he aligns with Pure Taekwondo. This organization serves as the latest platform for him to continue his lifelong pursuit of taekwondo excellence.

Master Jeff
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