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Master Yakov

5th Degree Black Belt

In the early 1970's Master Yakov began his martial arts journey in several disciplines such as Kung-fu, Kenpo Karate, Shotokan, Judo, Aikido and Hapkido. After having achieved a black belt in several disciplines he started his path to seek out Taekwondo. When he joined our Grandmaster Schools in around 1979, Yakov decided to start from the beginning as a white belt. 30 years into the art, Master Yakov became a 5th Degree black belt, an expert at self-defense and a renowned technician in martial arts.

His Self-Defense ability, and teaching is unsurpassed and the best in the nation. He has been sought out to teach self-defense by the US Military, Russian Self-Defense forces, and the Chinese Military.

Master Yakov
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