Senior Grandmaster Carlo

7th Degree Black Belt

In the early 1980’s Master Carlo's Taekwondo journey began with 9th Degree Black Belt - Grandmaster W.K. Kim and achieving a black belt by age 7, Grandmaster Carlo would then dedicate his life to the perfection of the martial arts aspect of Taekwondo.

This journey led Grandmaster Carlo to earn the highest prestige in multi-regional, national and international championships. He is also the undefeated West Coast Regional Taekwondo Grand Champion 4 years consecutively. His competitive prowess earned gold medals in Taekwondo at the President's Cup, Nationals, Worlds and the U.S. Open.

Grandmaster Carlo under Grandmaster Kim managed the Stanford Taekwondo Program for almost 15 years while co-directing the Stanford Taekwondo Open which hosted over 3000 competitors in the summer of 2000.

In late fall of 2016, Grandmaster Carlo partnered with Google to start the Google Taekwondo Program at Google’s Mountain View Campus. Pure Taekwondo and Google implemented martial arts philosophy within Google's corporate culture which is unprecedented in Silicon Valley.

As the founder of Pure Taekwondo, Grandmaster Carlo is committed to the excellence of quality that is taught to his students.

Senior Grandmaster Carlo