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Why are we doing this?
  • Martial Arts Students need to experience utilizing their skills in a competitive format.

  • As a prequisite; students must have participated in 3 events or more before reaching black belt.

    • Gaining experience early on will be a much bigger help than doing it later.​

  • Most importantly to help build confidence.

 When & Where is the competition?

  •  Saturday, March 18th 2023.

  • 250 E. Beach St., Watsonville, CA 95076.

Who should participate?
  • Students that just started within the last month is omitted from participating.

  • Beginners (White/ Yellow) 

    • Should participate in poomse only! 

  • Intermediates and advanced belts (orange and above). 

    • Should participate in sparring/ poomse or both.

    • Students that wish to participate in sparring should consult with Grandmaster Carlo.

How do we register?

To register follow this link - EZ EVENTS - Santa Cruz Open and follow these steps.

  • A portal will appear where you would need to create a profile.

    • From the dropdown select. 

      • "my child" if you have a child under the age of 18 competing.

      • Or "my profile" if you are an adult that wishes to compete. 

    • Make sure to select "Pure Taekwondo (Sunnyvale) when selecting a school from the ​dropdown - see image.

  • ​Under Division

    • Choose the appropriate belt level

    • Enter height and weight.

      • Category

        • Poomse - Mark the check box for Poomse (Do not choose open form)

        • Sparring - Mark the Check box

When does the event start
  • Poomsae will begin in the morning once the tournament starts (between 9am to 10am).

  • Sparring will start after 12pm. 

  • Visit the Host Schools Tournament Info Page for more details!

When should we arrive? 
  • Pooomse competitors will need to arrive prior to the event starting (9:30am).

  • Sparring competitors can arrive early, or no later than 12:30pm to collect their competitors card.

Will Pure TKD be at the event support students?
  • GM Carlo and GM Jeff will be in attendance to support all students.

  • Additional high level students and or black belts maybe in attendace for support.

Is there enough time to prepare?
  • We have roughly 6 weeks to prepare for this tournament.

  • Students should participate in as many classes as possible until the week of the competition.

  • Classes here on out will cover protocols, and strategies for a positive outcome.

What about Sparring?
  • Students that will participate in sparring should attend the sparring classes on Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays. 

  • Two times  a week will be fine, but coming in 3 times will really help your abilities for this event.

  • Purple belts and above, should consult with Grandmaster Carlo before registering for this event.

Are head shots allowed?
  • Headshots are not allowed for children aged 11 and under.

  • Jr Rules (light head contact) will be observed for ages 12 - Adult

  • Full contact will be for black belts in the world class sparring category

    • Visit the host school's tournaments page on sparring rules for more details

How much does the tournament costs?

What should we do once our event is completed?​
  • Most competitors that have competed only in poomse  and have colleced the medal can head home.

  • Feel free to stick around and watch the rest of tournament and support fellow students.

  • Participants that are sparring can arrive around 12pm, but must stay until after they have completed and collected their medal.

What happens after the tournament?
  • Once all students have competed, I'd like to gather the remaining students for a group dinner.

  • We can celebreate our paricipation, and discuss feedback or not talk about TKD at all.

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