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Total Transparency

100% Visibility

Just a heads up - at Pure TKD, we don't offer refunds or pauses on memberships. But don't worry, our opt-out or leave-of-absence option makes it easy to manage your membership. Just remember to submit your request 30 dats before the next billing cycle. Feel free to explore our auxiliary investments in the Fee section to get the most out of your martial arts journey!

Free Try Out!

Schedule time with us!

Ready to try something new? Contact us to try out a free class!

We offer one-on-one demo classes for children aged 12 and under, so both parents and kids can experience our instruction firsthand. Alternatively, group classes are available to try out if preferred.

If you're a teen or adult, we highly recommend trying out our group classes to experience our instruction firsthand and determine if our program is the right fit for you. Let's discover your potential together!"

Two Week Trial


Discover the benefits of PURE TKD with our risk-free two-week trial for only $90. Take unlimited classes and find out if our program is the perfect fit for you. Plus, we prorate your first month's billing cycle to provide you with the best value possible. Join now and experience why so many choose PURE TKD for top-quality instruction and service..

If you decide not to join us after the trial period, the uniform is yours to keep. Come see why so many love PURE TKD - we can't wait to train with you!

Month to Month

No Contracts!

At Pure TKD, we believe in transparent pricing and fair policies. That's why we don't impose contracts and all members pay on a month-to-month basis.

Our Kukkiwon Certified Masters provide high-quality martial arts instruction that is accredited and designed to help students reach their full potential. We offer all of this at a competitive market rate - in fact, many of our members consider it an incredible value.

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Get Discounts!

Pure TKD offers discounts to current and potential members that wish to pay in advance. This can be significant savings of upto 13% off annually.

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