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Covid-19 Announcement:


Due to the order of the California State "Shelter in Place" order and County of Santa Clara Public Health Department to cease any physical operation, Pure Taekwondo will be suspending class sessions from March 16th, 2020 through April 7th, 2020.


As you know, the circumstances pertaining to the COVID-19 virus are evolving daily, and the is current Shelter in Place directive until April 7, with the possibility of this directive being extended.    

We have notified all members of Pure Taekwondo of our class update. Pure Taekwondo's priority is to improve the health and well being of its students and community. Please stay safe!


In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to follow the best hygiene practices.

Please be proactive in keeping safe. The World Health Organization recommends doing the 5!

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7th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Carlo

CEO and Founder

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Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques, and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about the courses that we offer.

Program Offerings


Pure Taekwondo offers this course for all ages with little to no experience in martial arts. Space is limited, so please sign up as soon as possible. If you are uncertain about your skill level, please reach out to schedule a free introductory lesson. 


This course has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.


Pure Taekwondo delivers world-class martial arts instruction for all.

We empower students and bring out the best of their abilities to achieve the highest level of success possible in every aspect of life.


Deliver quality martial arts instruction in a modern way.

Our approach is to ensure that the students have fun and enjoy our training and learn real martial arts.

We build self-esteem, boost confidence while improving the health and well-being of all students.


Please feel free to browse our website for more information.

If you have questions, reach out by using the contact button below.





The masters of Pure Taekwondo are the pinnacle of knowledge and ability in every facet of Taekwondo and martial arts. The Masters of Pure Taekwondo offers 120 years of combined martial arts experience. Please visit The Masters' page to learn more!


Pure Taekwondo is proud to announce that we are now offering the highly requested Saturday Class. This class is a great way to make up for classes missed during the weekday schedule. Visit the schedule page for select time slots.


Pure Taekwondo now offers the highly anticipated Self-Defense course. This class is for self-defense training only. Self-defense instructors trains you on dealing with real-life threatening situations.  Click here to inquire more about the Pure Self-Defense  program. Visit the schedule page for select time slots.



Our website is a great resource for new students. Students can learn about the history of Pure Taekwondo, Taekwondo Terminology, and its Curriculum. Get started to understand the culture by visiting the Dojang Rules page.


Our Location

Our location is tucked away in the back end corner of the building. Look for the Pure Taekwondo banner in the front window or look for a huge sign above our storefront that says Wellness Center. There's a huge parking lot with ample parking for customers and visitors.

860 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 475-0686